Environmental Education





"Salt Gulch (Pardee)....2/3 grades from Plymouth...the FIRST spring day of the year (blue sky, no clouds, warm warm warm)...

 May I present 2 "students" on their way to their next "class"...yes, those are notebooks they are carrying...and a pencil...a tough act to replicate sitting at a desk..."

 Photo & Quote by Pete Silva

An Environmental Educator is any world citizen who uses information and educational processes to help people analyze the merits of the many and varied points of view present on a given environmental issue.  

           "Value Fair" and "Value Free"

An Environmental Educator must keep from letting his own particular position (as an environmentalist) from mixing with their educator role.

An Environmentalist is any world citizen who advocates with greater or lesser action that wrongs against our environment must be stopped.  Negative reputation stems from the dramatic and radical actions of few.






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