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Stewardship Through Education, LLC.


To promote youth stewardship of local watersheds
through closely coordinated programs and activities
with a variety of community partners, participating schools, agencies, organizations, cities, and counties.


Stewardship Through Education was born with the idea to build a bridge between agency and government managers of water resources and community youth. The Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Council partnering with the Central Sierra RC&D, recognized the validity of the establishment of such a program.

Since the establishment of this unique educational program, STE, with the support and backing of the Calaveras County Public Utilities District, Amador County Water Agency, the Central Sierra RC&D Council, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Jackson Valley Irrigation District, and others, have implemented several activities to bridge this gap and in the process, uniquely upholding Mr. Richard Louv's idea of No Child Left Inside.

Special Thanks to:

Stewardship Through Education, LLC  
Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority
US Forest Service   Amador Water District
East Bay Municipal Utility District  
Calaveras County Water District
Calaveras Public Utility District  
Alpine Water District
Jackson Valley Irrigation  
Amador County
Central Sierra RC&D  
Calaveras County
County Offices of Education, School Districts and Educators in Amador and Calaveras Counties
California Oak Foundation  
California Department of Fish and Game
Bureau of Reclamation  
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Mountain Oaks School   Bureau of Land Management
Mokelumne Hill Library   and the Native Americans, the first stewards of the land.


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